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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Does Senator Ensign Hate The Troops?

Watch this ad first:

This ad by Vote Vets refers to roll call vote 116 of the 108th Congress on April 2, 2003. In this vote the Republican majority in the Senate voted unanimously to table an amendment by Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu to "appropriate $1,047,000,000 for procurement for the National Guard and Reserves". This money would have given the troops all the equipment they needed, including modern body armor which is referred to in the ad.

Senator John Ensign, along with Sen. George Allen of Virginia, voted in favor of tabling this motion and therefore voted against the security of the troops. Imagine how many soldiers could be alive or uninjured would they have been given the appropriate body armor.

Spread the word and help elect Jack Carter to the Senate 'cause Jack cares:
I was against the invasion and the war before it started. And I have been appalled at the way the Bush administration has mishandled the efforts to secure the country and to rebuild the Iraqi economy. Our volunteer forces deserve more from our civilian leadership. The Administration has consistently short changed our men and women not only on the battlefield but when they return home. This lack of actions has been supported by my opponent, including deleting further research into the increasingly alarming rate of delayed brain trauma.
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