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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Doolittle's Got Bush - Brown's Got Wes Clark

The President of the United States is scared. Of the voters.

It's quite evident. Why else would he come to one of the reddest districts in California and hold a fundraiser for corrupt and ineffective Congressman John Doolittle?

Doolittle will profit twofold: his campaign desperately needs the extra bucks (an estimated $500,000) and his wife Julie can rake in her 15% commission which she receives for all contributions to her husband's campaign. Another $75,000 before Doolittle will be voted out of office. Apparently they'll take anything they can get.

A potential presidential contender in 2008 will be in the district one day before Bush. General Wesley Clark will hold a rally with Charlie Brown on Monday, October 2nd, at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Sacramento (Corner of 15th and L Streets) at 5pm. Later that night they will also hold a fundraiser . And you can rest assured that unlike the corrupt Congressman's wife, no member of the Brown family will even take one cent commission!

You can also help Charlie by contributing here!


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