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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ensign Now Responsible For Republicans Losing In 2008

I had to chuckle when I read in the Las Vegas Review-Journal today that our very own and most favourite golfer in Nevada is supposed to run the show at the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2008.

For one, you actually have to be a sitting challenger to be eligable. So, our very own and most favourite future Senator from Nevada, Jack Carter, might just make a little dent in the Ensignificant's plans.

Furthermore, it seems like Ensign would actually get this job by default. After Liddy Dole's disasterous attempt at recruiting viable Senate candidates for this fall's election (think Katherine Harris in Florida) nobody wanted to taint his or her resume by taking on this job in 2008 when things might look much worse than they do today. Out of the 33 seats in play that year 21 are held by Republicans. If we won't win the majority in the Senate this year, we're almost assured of it with Ensign directing the NRSC in 2008:

Ensign considered running for the campaign committee previously, and was mentioned earlier this year for the job but demurred, citing family reasons.

Ensign said he grew comfortable with the idea after talking with friends in Nevada and obtaining the blessing of his wife and three young children.

"There is some travel but it depends on how much you want to travel," Ensign said. "Some chairmen have traveled an awful lot and some have traveled a little."

And for some reason one would guess that those who were sitting on their lazy ass and didn't travel sucked the most. Sounds like the ensignificant Senator is aiming for just that position.

Of course, you can make it so much harder for the NRSC to find a chairman and so much easier for Democrats to win additional seats in the Senate and thereby either winning the majority or extending it by helping to elect Jack Carter. Contribute now!


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