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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Have You Voted For Jack Yet?

On Tuesday I alerted you to the new Progressive Patriot poll. The winner will get an instant $5,000 contribution from Russ Feingold's PAC plus a very nifty fundraiser.

Vote now!

In the meantime Rasmussen has published a new poll on the Nevada Senate race:

Jack Carter 41%
John Ensign 50%
moe +/-4.5%

This is the first time that any poll besides the unruly interactive Zogby poll has Jack above 40%. That's the good news. The bad news is that Ensign also increased his margin from the July poll which had this race at 39-46. Since there are still 45 days until the election and since most polls done on this race were, well, not all too convincing, this race remains wide open.

What Jack Carter needs more than anything else right now is money. So, have you voted for Jack yet?

Or contribute if you can!


Blogger NoPartyLines said...

The reason Jack isn't gaining ground is because he isn't really a Nevadan. He bought a condo 3 years ago in an effort to gain residency in the State so he could run for office. He's simply a carpetbagger.

His fundraising has been done outside of the State for the most part. He doesn't have ties here. He's lived in Nevada less that 5% of his life (probably less since owning a condo and living there are two different things). He hasn't contributed to Nevada's communities. It is simply impossible for a candidate to represent citizens of a State if he really isn't one.

If the goal is merely to elect Democrats (or Republicans for that matter), then vote along party lines. If the goal is to elect leaders who understand and represent Nevadans, then don't vote for carpetbaggers like Jack Carter or anyone else who comes here merely for political gain. Use your brain folks, this guy is bad news for Nevada.

2:24 PM


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