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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sacramento Bee Endorses Charlie Brown

Yesterday, the Sacramento Bee, the area's largest newspaper, officially endorsed Democrat Charlie Brown for Congress. You should read the entire editorial headlined "Time for Doolittle to go; elect Charlie Brown". I'd just like to quote the end-part of it:

Voters have an alternative.

Brown was a career Air Force pilot who served in the Vietnam conflict, winning a Distinguished Flying Cross, and in the first Persian Gulf War. He coordinated surveillance over Iraq during the 1990s. His son, Capt. Jeff Brown, is serving his fourth rotation in Iraq. Brown worked eight years in the Roseville Police Department. He is well-placed to be part of a much-needed national discussion on alternatives to the current policy in Iraq.

Brown supports a phased drawdown of American forces, redeploying U.S. troops from inside Iraq to the periphery. While people of goodwill can disagree with this view, at least Brown is telling voters what he'd do differently in Iraq.

An internal Brown poll conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group at the end of August shows a tight race: Doolittle, 41 percent, and Brown, 39 percent. Seventeen percent are undecided. Doolittle is in trouble, but Brown needs money to trumpet his message in this large district.

Doolittle has a legacy of money and influence-peddling that has left the nation with unbalanced budgets, ballooning earmarks and a mess in Iraq. Brown has a lifelong commitment to public service. The choice is clear. Elect Charlie Brown.

You can help Charlie win by clicking on the links below:

Charlie Brown's Campaign Website

Contribute to Charlie Brown


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