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Monday, September 18, 2006

JoEtta Brown: "I Am Excited And Looking Forward To Working As A Servant Of The People"

Read part III of my interview with JoEtta Brown here.

JoEtta Brown is running for the Nevada State Assembly from the 39th district. The district encompasses all of Douglas County and goes up to Incline Village up at Lake Tahoe. You can see a map of the district here.

The fourth and final part of the interview JoEtta Brown gave to Turn Tahoe Blue focuses on her relationship with Jill Derby and her priorities in the Legislature should she be elected in November:

On your campaign website you quote Margaret Meade saying “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” What meaning does this quote have to you personally?

When I was elected Governor of Soroptimist International Desert Coast Region I truly worked with a small thoughtful, committed group of people. And we made tremendous differences in the lives of many women. I have always been involved with small groups who determined they could achieve incredible results. It is my mantra that working together anything is possible. Look at my campaign, against all odds it has made notable strides and it is a small group of people that enable me to walk the campaign trail.

Considering that Nevada is such a large state, Jill Derby, candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, lives just around the corner from you. What is your relationship with her? Do you think that you might have a better chance to win in this traditionally Republican district because of her strong candidacy?

Jill Derby is a wonderful neighbor close enough to be there if I really need her for anything. Yes, Jill has a strong candidacy and offers a “New Direction” for our country. It is the year for women, and it is time we hold positions of power to make positive change. Working Together in 2006 We Can Win!

What would your priorities be in the Legislature if you should be elected in November?

I am fortunate to have Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell as my mentor, and the Nevada Democratic Caucus as my supporters. At this very moment I am preparing to go to work February 5, 2007 as the Assemblywoman for District 39. I have studied the issues met with many political leaders to make certain I know the most pressing issues. And I am excited and looking forward to working as a servant of the people, becoming a Voice For All.

I'd like to thank JoEtta Brown for answering my questions.

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