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Sunday, September 17, 2006

JoEtta Brown: "There Must Be A Vision For The Future"

Read part II of my interview with JoEtta Brown here.

The third part of the interview JoEtta Brown, Democratic candidate for the 39th Assembly District, focuses on preserving Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley, GLBT issues and what JoEtta loves about Nevada:

What do you think needs to be done to preserve Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley?

I am not opposed to growth; however, there must be a vision for the future and we must carefully determine how to maintain open space and comprehensive business development. Market share should be the most compelling factor for any future business development. There should be standards set for development at the state level that would also include building codes and restrictions. Until this is achieved Nevada runs the risk of massive over development.

In Nevada same-sex marriages are banned by the constitution. Would you work to overturn that to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry or would you favor civil unions instead?

While working in corporate banking we addressed this issue as part of our Diversity Training Program “Building Bridges”. There are many legal issues that face alternative lifestyle partners, such as medical, ownership of bank accounts/property, insurance, credit, and inheritance. Because of these issues I favor civil unions.

After retirement you have moved to Nevada and have become active in your local community. What do you love about Nevada and your district in particular?

It is the genuine warmth and friendliness of the people that make you feel welcome this is what I love about Nevada. The beauty of the entire Assembly District 39 instills a sense of peace and I love being closer to nature with our vistas of open space.

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