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Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Interesting Take On The NV Senate Race

There are quite a few people out on the blogosphere offering their thoughts on which races are competitive and how many seats Democrats might win in November. One of them is a diarist named "Republicus" over at Daily Kos. Here is his assessment of the Senate race in Nevada:
Jack Carter's month started off well with the birth of his first grandson. Then it was downhill. On September 10, Carter was hospitalized with colitis (inflammed colon) and was forced to cancel a couple of campaign appearances. On September 15, a Research 2000 poll showed Ensign with a 21-point lead over Carter with 9 percent claiming undecided status. Over, right? Wrong. According to a Rasmussen poll released on September 22, Carter is just 9 points behind Ensign. This seems consistent with the race's dynamics to date, e.g. WSJ/Zogby (Carter 3-points behind on Aug. 21). I am not very familiar with Research 2000, but would suspect they are either GOP polling-goons or else were drunk and prank-called half of their sample. Nevada Blue explains in some detail on DailyKos. On a different note, Senate minority leader Harry Reid's 2-month-late endorsement of Carter last month was accompanied by a measly $250,000dollars. Reid had previously intended to reneg on his promise to Carter in favor of a confounding "non-aggression pact" with Ensign. Seeing as the DSCC has $30 million on-hand, one has to wonder whether the DSCC is trying to win an election or appease Harry Reid's self-interested political maneuvering. An uphill battle for Carter? Yes. Over? Far from it.
You can help Jack win by contributing to his campaign now!


Blogger Republicus said...

Wow, what a writer! (just kidding). I'm a first-time visitor and am learning a great deal from Turn Tahoe Blue (i've bookmarked it). Thank you Sven for your informative entries (and for taking note of one of mine). If anyone is interested in the full battleground report, they can find it here.

While the DSCC sits on $30 million, Jack Carter is still without meaningful DSCC financial support (compare Missouri, for example, where the DSCC has unloaded cash). It's imperative that Harry Reid and the DSCC hear us and provide Jack Carter with the support he needs. If Harry Reid and the DSCC continue to shortchange Carter in favor of Reid's confounding "non-aggression pact" with Ensign, they must know that a political firestorm will await them from the grassroots. As Democrats, we have to make it clear that we will not stand for any self-interested maneuvering - we have a Senate to reclaim.

2:15 AM

Blogger Republicus said...

Sven, ich sehe dass sie von Deutschland sind - sind sie Amerikaner? Deutscher? Ich w√ľnsche Ihnen das am besten, Republicus.

2:22 AM

Blogger NoPartyLines said...

Harry Reid doesn't support Jack Carter because Jack Carter isn't a Nevadan. Can you seriously believe this guy bought a condo 3 years ago so he could enjoy living in our State? That's just naive. He's a carpetbagger looking to run for office. I doubt he has spent more than a handful of weekends in that condo of his. The reality is, he sees the numbers of Democrats growing in Nevada and, being an opportunist, bought property to establish residency. We don't need someone like that representing Nevadans.

No candidate from ANY party can adequately represent their State if they aren't a citizen of it. Reclaiming the Senate at the expense of our State is pure insanity and represents the dangerous partisanship that is destroying the Country. Elect based on who can represent us best, not based on party lines. Jack Carter should go to Georgia and run for office there. He won't... it's a "Republican" State and outside of his political aspirations.

2:31 PM


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