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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Does Newsweek Hate America?

You know, I have to say it. Anyone outside the US was taken aback and just plain astounded how the American people could (re-)elect President Bush in 2004. It was just plain unbelievable. Are Americans that stupid?

Well, turns out, we just get better information. I don't wanna offend anyone but the newsmedia (while it sometimes sucks) is much better in Europe than it is in the US. It is. I've lived in both places, I speak from experience. We've got publicly funded TV stations and they actually have something called "correspondents" all over the world. In Africa, in Latin America, in India, in China, in Sigapore, in Japan, in Russia, in Italy, in Poland, in Turkey. Well, you get the point. How many correspondents do NBC, ABC and CBS have?

Anyhow, in case you didn't know it Newsweek publishes international editions. Now, I don't buy it since it's just not worth its prize. The Economist is much better. Anyway, on the side you can see this week's Newsweek. The European edition, the Asian edition, the Latin American edition. And at the bottom, you'll find the US edition. Americans are not dumb, they're made dumb by their own media. Why in the world would Newsweek tell its readers in Europe, Asia and Latin America about the renewed dangers in Afghanistan, but not their readers in the United States?

Does Newsweek hate America?

(hat-tip to Americablog for the graphic, also saw it on Wonkette yesterday)


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