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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"The Union" Publisher Endorses Charlie Brown

The Union is a paper that was founded to support President Abraham Lincoln's re-election. Its publisher says in his editorial that he does not believe in newspaper endorsements and that his paper doesn't endorse candidates. Yet, he chose to write an editorial to convey why he himself endorses Charlie Brown. A few excerpts:
That said, I personally believe it's time for a change. I say "personally" because there is only one photo and name attached to this column and they both belong to me ... personally. I have no idea how the other 77 employees of The Union feel about either candidate.

Why Brown?

Why not? Doolittle has had 16 years to deliver whatever he promised to do and it's time to give someone else a chance to at least make promises. I don't think political office was intended to be lifetime employment, but thanks to some clever redistricting (that's where they determine where the Republicans and Democrats eat and sleep and design the district boundaries to benefit whichever party has the majority at the time), Doolittle and others have been able to stay in office long enough for their children to grow beards and shave their legs.


As for Charlie Brown ... well ... I've never met him, but those who have say he's a good man. He served 26 years as an officer in the Air Force and retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1998. He was a rescue helicopter pilot in Vietnam and helped evacuate Saigon. He also coordinated surveillance flights over Iraq in the 1990s and opposed the invasion because, as he states on his Web site, "he knew there were no WMDs present."

He thinks we ought to get out of Iraq and focus instead on our borders. He supports additional funding for veteran services, supports universal health care, a woman's right to choose, stem cell research and good government. "Who doesn't feel discouraged and angry at the constant news of corruption and influence peddling in Washington?" he asks.

Maybe that last one sums it up for me. Brown's really got no political experience and will have difficulty getting anything done in that cesspool we call D.C., but perhaps he is exactly what we need today - something new and innocent.
You can help Charlie get elected.

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