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Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Rob Is A Person Of Integrity And Extremely High Ethics"

The Tahoe Daily Tribune took a closer look at the Assembly candidates this week. Not surprisingly, Rob Haswell comes away better from the article than Doolittle buddy Tim Gaines. Here's an excerpt:
Haswell: Voters have had enough

"People are tired of how much influence big money and big developers have taken. I want to be the representative to all folks," Haswell said. He added he's encouraged of his chances to win in a largely-entrenched Republican district by the inroads Tahoe's District 5 Supervisor Norma Santiago has made here.

Santiago, who energized the local Democrats in her race last June, has endorsed the Auburn man who grew up in the Truckee area. Haswell was in Tahoe last week.

"Rob is a person of integrity and extremely high ethics. He is very knowledgeable about the issues facing the Tahoe Basin and concerned about its future. He will be an advocate for us," she said.

Haswell said he's done some precinct walks in South Lake Tahoe, trying to meet as many people as he can. The discussions revolving around his platform range from developing public transportation venues to maintaining open space.

"No one's suggesting no growth. I just want to be an honest broker in making growth work for all of us," the father of two said. There's no question of Haswell's political roots - based on his children's coincidental and intended names. After calling his 5-year-old daughter, Kennedy, he named his 3-year-old son Martin Luther after another Martin, whose famous "I Had a Dream Speech" came 40 years before on the day his son was born.
Last month, Rob gave an exclusive interview to Turn Tahoe Blue which you can read here.

Rob Haswell is one awesome candidate and would be a terrific representative for Lake Tahoe in the California Assembly. Consider contributing to him!


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