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Friday, November 10, 2006

A Message From Dina Titus

Here we are, friends, at the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

What a remarkable journey we have taken together. Consider what has taken place as a result of last night's election.

I will return to the Nevada State Senate with our Democratic Caucus reinforced by Senator-elect Joyce Woodhouse.

Four of six constitutional offices in Nevada will be held by Democrats with new ideas and energy.

The Democratic majority in the State Assembly will be strengthened with a new member from Washoe County, David Bobzien.

The right-wing domination of the US House of Representatives is at an end.

At this hour, Nevada's Senator Harry Reid may become Majority Leader of the US Senate once final results in the last outstanding senate race are determined.

I have been blessed this campaign season with the opportunity to be with friends old and new in every corner of our state. The people of Nevada have given me extraordinary opportunities to be of service and I will never let them down.

Our cause was and always will be returning power back to ordinary Nevadans. For years, the election of our state's Governors has been referred to as an "annointment." This year, because of us, that has changed. It is my hope that you will continue to work with me for a more ethical, responsive government devoted to reform and innovation.

I am thankful for my campaign staff, an amazing mix of veterans and enthusiastic young people who share our vision for a better Nevada. They worked extraordinary hours and invested their abundant energy out of pure love for the cause. They are terrific.

From the beginning there was Team Titus, our volunteers corps whose selfless dedication carried us forward. Team Titus is truly unprecedented in Nevada political history. Without you, my campaign would never have gotten off the ground. It is truly an honor to know you all and call you my friends.

Then there are the volunteers throughout the state who are not formally part of Team Titus. Your countless hours of work and your loyalty are things I will never forget.

I have worked to uphold twin responsibilities: that of a state senator and that of carrying the banner of the Democratic Party as its candidate for Governor. I could not have accomplished this without my family. My mother and sister were there with me every step of the way. "Hi mama!" was the refrain I would hear from the staff whenever my mother arrived to work alongside the volunteer crews. My sister was everywhere at once with a smile and encouragement for everyone. You adopted my family just as I have adopted you into mine.

Finally...a word about my best friend and husband, Tom. He has shown this state what I have always known—he is truly the First Gentleman of Nevada. His steadfast presence, kind nature and generous spirit, along with a remarkable talent for bringing people together, was the rock our campaign stood upon.

I have asked a great deal of you; but I have one more request. This campaign is over, but the causes we fight for are far from accomplished. I pledge to return to Carson City and work with leaders on both sides of the aisle on initiatives that will bring real improvements in education, ethics, the environment, energy, and economic development. Those five E’s won’t be forgotten. We all have a role to play there. If we do not work together to address these issues, the consequences for our state and future generations will be disastrous.

Thank you again. While our campaign did not end the way we had hoped, collectively we have moved forward and together we will help to usher this state into a new era.

Respectfully Yours,

Dina Titus



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