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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some Voting Problems In Nevada

So far voting seems to go relatively smoothly, at least according to the reports at the Reno Gazette-Journal's website. Though, there's at least one place reporting problems:

Poll manager Ambrose Shepherd at Traner Middle School had not run the voting machine test on a couple of machines before voters came in. So there was a slight delay before voters could run a paper copy of their ballots.

About 150 to 200 people had come in to cast their votes by 9 a.m.
Among them was Maurice Knapp, a Reno resident, who said he tried to generate a paper receipt four times before giving up and leaving for a business trip.
“I still feel cheated because I’m supposed to get a receipt,” Knapp said. “I’m a war veteran and I take voting seriously.
“I don’t know if my vote will count.”
If you have problems call these numbers or go to these websites (from DailyKos):

For irregularities:

Vote by paper ballot if you can!


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