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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"John Ensign for President" - The NRSC Thinks So

What do bloggers do all day? They look at their site stats. And don't let any blogger tell you otherwise. We're obsessed.

Therefore, it took me only a little more than an hour to find the following gem. Apparently, someone at the National Republican Senatorial Committee got a little ahead of his duties. To all who haven't heard: John Ensign is the new Liddy Dole, meaning he'll be responsible for recruiting candidates for the 2008 Senate contests. Now, we have to wonder whether the ensignificant Senator and his staff are taking their duties seriously or whether the Hair-Do is standing in front of his staff all day asking: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

And the staff must have shouted: "John Ensign for President!"

And so they ventured out in the world beyond the seven blogs to find the seven dwarfs who might agree with them.

Today, at 12.57pm pacific, 3.57pm eastern and 9.57pm middle european time, someone at the National Republican Senatorial Committee searched for "John Ensign for President."

John McCain and Rudy Guiliani watch out!

For details click the screenshot below.

Update: Wonder what the hair is all about? Have a look!

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Blogger Natascha said...

Ich hoffe, du hast heute schon Wonkette gesehen:-) Sag E7 einen schoenen Gruss, wenn du dort vorbei kommst.
-Natascha (Minneapolis, MN)


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