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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

John Ensign To Be The New Liddy Dole - Republicans Hand The Senate To Dems In 08

It's official, the ensignificant Senator from Nevada will be the new head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee which is responsible for recruiting and supporting Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate. This election cycle Liddy Dole was responible for that and you know how that turned out - can you say Majority Leader Reid?

Anyhow, things are gonna get much worse this time around. The Hair-do, as Ensign is known in Nevada, hasn't gotten much attention in the national press yet, cause, well, he hasn't done anything. He's been golfing under the radar. I'm pretty sure nothing much will change as he's only the face of the operation and surely, Republicans must have some qualified guys running the NRSC.

Or not:
Ensign said his chief of staff, Scott Bensing, would serve as NRSC executive director, political consultant Mike Slanker would be political director and Slanker's wife and business partner, Lindsey, would be NRSC finance director. The pair run Nevada-based November Inc., which does political consulting for many Nevada GOP candidates.
This oughta be fun. So, some Nevadan political consultant and his wife will run the show? Geez, what's the plan here? Give Democrats another ten seats in the Senate next cycle?

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