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Friday, November 10, 2006

Kenny Guinn For Vice President?

My sleeping habits have been totally screwed up this week. After election night I went to bed at 8am CET, today I actually got up at that time. Doing things like that to your body (and your mind) doesn't go unnoticed.

So I had another one of my crazy-insomnia-ideas. Here it goes:

  • According to Woodward, Cheney said that if Rummy goes he'll be next.
  • So Cheney either resigns for health reasons, or he'll be impeached and resign for healt reasons or he's so addicted to power that he'll have to be dragged out of office.
  • Next, Bush is forced to appoint a successor if he doesn't want Nancy Pelosi a heartbeat (or an impeachment hearing) away from the President for too long.
  • Bush will need a very special replacement. Someone who is kinda dull, preferably unknown, yet still qualified, who no one really hates, who won't even consider running for Pres in 08 to avoid angering the scattered GOP presidential field that is left and who will make it through confirmation hearings in a Democratic House and Senate.
  • That's where Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn comes in.
  • Guinn basically meets above requirements. Plus: Dems won't hate a guy who kinda refused to endorse and campaign for the Republican nominee (and who is now his elected successor) and who's son contributed to the Democratic candidate.
  • There have already been rumours Kenny might get a position in the White House after he leaves office as NV Gov.
  • Harry Reid's Majority Leader. When's the next time a Nevadan could become Vice President? The closest any Nevadan before has ever come to power in the White House was poor Pat Nixon (so wonderfully played by Joan Allen).
  • Meet the next Vice President of the United States: Kenny Guinn!

Yup, that's how screwed up my mind gets when I'm sleep deprived... your thoughts?

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