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Friday, March 09, 2007

Elko Daily Free Press Not Caving in to Gays and Lesbians

The hypocrisy and outright idiocy of people! This from the Elko Daily Free Press:

Free Press readers back Ann Coulter

ELKO — Readers have sent a clear message to the Elko Daily Free Press: Keep printing Ann Coulter’s opinion column.

In response to being flooded by thousands of e-mails from a gay and lesbian advocacy group, the newspaper asked local readers to call or write with their opinions on whether the controversial columnist should stay in the paper.

“As of this morning we had received nearly 60 phone calls or faxes, and about nine out of 10 wanted us to keep running Ann Coulter,” said managing editor Jeff Mullins.

Comments have also been posted to the Elko Daily Free Press’ Web site, www.elkodaily.com. The majority of these comments are in support of free speech.

Meanwhile, Editor & Publisher magazine reported Thursday that the Times of Shreveport, La., became at least the fourth newspaper this week to drop Coulter.

In a note posted on the newspaper’s Web site, Times Executive Editor Alan English wrote: “Today we move past the rhetoric and unproductive dialogue offered by Ann Coulter. The Times is dropping her column effective immediately. It is her recent ‘joke’ about John Edwards being considered a ‘faggot’ that is the back-breaking straw for a decision we’ve openly discussed for some time.”

Most of the Free Press readers who called the editor had different opinions.

“Many callers said they thought Ann Coulter had a right to express herself, and they did not want us to be swayed by those seeking her removal,” Mullins said. “Several said they would consider it censorship, and added that they would no longer subscribe to the paper if we ‘caved in’ to the special-interest group’s request.”

Coulter’s weekly column appears on page A4 of today’s Free Press.

The "gay and lesbian advocacy group" Mullins is talking about? That would be Media Matters. Which is NOT a "gay and lesbian advocacy group". Just read the "About Us" of Media Matters.
And of course the letters did not come from just one group but from 3,000 different people.

Naturally, this doesn't count for the Elko Daily Free Press. They rather listen to a total of 60(!) readers who want to keep Coulter on. 60! So clearly 60 people who think hate speech is free speech and slurring a possible future President of the United States and millions of Americans are more important to the Elko Daily Free Press, than its good name.

So, since they're obviously not interested in what you have to say when you send them gay emails, how about calling them. Phone and Fax of the Elko Daily Free Press:

Phone: 775-738-3118

Newsroom Fax: 775-778-3131


Apparently, the Elko Daily Free Press is not talking about Media Matters but about the Human Rights Campaign. Sorry, my bad. However, this does not change the tone of their post. Bigotry is alive and well at the Elko Daily Free Press!

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