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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Q&A With Bud Orange

Here is the 5th installment of the Turn Tahoe Blue Q&A series with candidates for the Nevada State Democratic Party leadership election on March 31st. Bud Orange on his run for State Party Secretary:

Why are you running for Nevada State Democratic Party Secretary?

I feel I am qualified, based on my past experience. During my 40 + years in the corporate world, I served as secretary to national and local negotiating committees as well as to joint grievance committees at all levels. I was also secretary to the Board of Directors of my former employer.

You are currently the 2nd Vice Chair of the State Party. What was your experience in that position? What was good and what needs to improve?

Overall, my experience was positive, however, I believe that all members of the NSDP Board need to be more involved in decision making. Under new leadership, this will happen and the Party will be strengthened, which is my goal.

You are co-chairman of the Douglas County Democrats. Like other areas of Nevada, Douglas County has recently experienced tremendous growth. How has that changed the political situation on the ground? Has it invigorated the local Democratic Party?

As of this writing, I am Co-Chair of the Douglas County Democratic Central Committee, and have served as Treasurer for the past year as well. Due to the growth in our County, we have increased the number of Dems, but we are still out-numbered 2+ to one by the Republicans. We are working hard to get more Dems involved.

Gov. Bill Richardson and Gen. Wesley Clark have been to Douglas County in January. What was that like and what do you think do the presidential candidates need to do to succeed in Nevada’s rurals?

We were privileged to have Gov. Richardson and Gen. Clark at our “Turn Nevada Blue” Dinner. We had a sell-out crowd at the Carson Valley Inn and everyone was pleased to meet and hear the two men. In my opinion, all the candidates need to come to Northern Nevada and the rural counties to address the problems that face us: energy, water, education, health care, etc. We are educated, we are informed and we want to be heard.

Are you considering supporting a presidential candidate for the Nevada Caucus or will you remain neutral?

The short answer is that I will remain neutral until after the caucuses. To expand on that, I have not met ALL the candidates or potential candidates, and will not make any decision until I, as a member of the Nevada Caucus Commission, or as an official of a county or state central committee have an opportunity to make an informed decision.

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Blogger NV Mojo said...

Well this is hopeful. He's not doing a Rory Reid deal and forcing the rest of us to think Hillary is the only choice us Nevada Dems get. Thanks, Mr. Orange!

4:36 PM

Blogger texex said...

For those interested in Douglas County Democrats, an election was held last night and we have (almost) a completely new leadership in our local party. Attendance and enthusiasm was at an all time high so perhaps we’ve turned the corner. If you’ve stayed away because of past problems, I encourage you to please come visit us again and give it another try.

When I have the date, I’ll let you know when the next meeting is and how to get there. Y’all come.

9:59 AM


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