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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wes Clark To Watch Primary Returns With Jill Derby

Jill Derby's been on a roll recently. First she reported her new fundraising numbers. She has more than $440k on hand while none of her Republican opponents has more than $260k on hand and might just be close to broke after the primary this Tuesday.

That Derby is a serious candidate, and a very good one at that, becomes apparent when you take a look at her performance on Nevada's Newsmakers last Thursday (August 10th). Just compare her performance with the ridiculous giggle show of the three Republican stooges (August 1st) and you know that Jill Derby has a real shot in this traditionally Republican district. (Both videos can be found here.)

To top it all off, General Wesley Clark will come to Reno on Tuesday for a fundraiser and to watch the primary returns with her. Wonder which one of the stooges will have the honor of losing to Jill Derby come November. The RGJ's Anjeanette Damon is impressed:

While the Republicans continue to fight each other tooth and nail for the nomination in Congressional District 2, Democrat Jill Derby has been sitting back raising money. She's got a significant warchest and represents the best shot Democrats have had in years of winning a district that is solidly Republican. That's not to say it's not still a somewhat quixotic endeavor. But she clearly has access to some national help, as proven by visits this year from Paul Begala, James Carville and Montana's Dem star Gov. Brian Schweitzer. On Primary Election night, Derby is bringing in Gen. Wes Clark to help her watch returns and raise money.

You can support Jill Derby by contributing to her through the Turn Tahoe Blue ActBlue fundraising page.


Blogger frankg said...

Damn. Gen Clark will be 5 miles away tonite and I have to report to the club @ 0100 hrs. (!)

Definitely worth the $35.

And a chance to shake hands with possibly the next President of the US.

Hell, I could be the only DailyKos/TurnTahoeBlue commenter there...

3:16 PM


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