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Friday, August 11, 2006

Damn It, Harry Reid!

There are some days when you just want to scream:

Reid said he is more confident now than when he first predicted in February that Democrats would pick up five seats they need to pull even in the Senate in November. He said polls show Democrats winning Republican-held seats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Montana, Missouri and Rhode Island.

"A lot of time has gone by and the numbers haven't changed. In fact, Ohio has gotten better. Montana has gotten better," he said.

"And now we have three other seats we are looking at. We were only looking also at Tennessee and Arizona. Now we've added Virginia to the mix," he said.

"That doesn't mean we're a lock, cinch to win the majority. To knock off six Republican senators who are incumbents is not easy to do," Reid said.

"So I'm not going around high flying, saying we are going to take the Senate. But we are going to pick up seats. It's just a question of how many.

Reid said Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., appears to be safe at this time in his bid for re-election against Democrat Jack Carter, son of former President Jimmy Carter, but that there's still time for Carter to gain support.

What is wrong with this man? What does he think his role is? The enabler of the ensignificant Senator?

Just for your information, Senator Reid. Just in case your staff doesn't tell you anything. From the Rasmussen Reports:

Incumbent Republican Senator John Ensign (R) is facing an increasingly competitive race in his bid for re-election to a second term in the U.S. Senate. A recent Rasmussen Reports election survey of 500 likely voters shows Ensign’s lead in the single-digits—46% to 39%—over Democrat Jack Carter.

Actually, that is within the margin of error! How can you talk about "safe"? Are you out of your mind?

What the heck does "there is still time for Carter to gain support" mean? I have to agree with the Gleaner here, isn't it your job to support him? How are you a good Democratic leader when you go around talking about which Republican incumbent is safe? It's just beyond me.

Somehow, I can't quite get rid of a feeling I have, that you are afraid of the Republican Party, that you are afraid of the ensignificant Senator in particular, that you are afraid you might not win reelection in 2010 if you anger Republicans in Nevada and this Senator, that you are afraid history will repeat itself and that you might be the next Tom Daschle. That you are afraid. Period.

What good is a Democratic Senator from Nevada who won't even stand up for a fellow Democrat and help him get elected?

Have you learned nothing in the past week? The people, and especially Democratic voters, are fed up with the enablers. Who exactly profits when you declare the ensignificant Senator to be "safe"? Only he profits. Nobody else. Not the Democratic Party, not Jack Carter, not even you, Senator. Cause, in all honesty: a lot of folks are mad at you, increasingly so. Don't be fooled by the high approval numbers you get on Daily Kos. The majority of bloggers there don't know a darn thing about what's going on in Nevada. Yet. The word's spreading. In every single diary by or about Jack Carter on Daily Kos you will find criticism of you and your love for the ensignificant Senator. The Nevada blogosphere is a wholly different picture. Your behaviour towards Jack Carter is more than offputting.

Brace yourself for the trouble to come should Jack lose in November, especially if it were by a close margin. Brace yourself if we actually pick up five seats and Jack could have been number six. Brace yourself if the Republicans still run the Senate next year. All because you cared more about yourself and your friendship with the ensignificant Senator than you care about the good of this party and this country.

Should this happen, count on a movement by Nevada's progressive blogosphere and many Democrats more to draft Jack Carter for the Democratic primary in 2010.

You might not have realized it yet. But people are pissed, Senator, very pissed.


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