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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Go, Jack, Go!

This just made my day! Wow! This in incredible, unbelievable, or just plain terrific:

Rasmussen Reports (7/31; MoE 4.5) via the Carter Blog

46% Ensign
39% Carter
4% some other candidate
11% not sure

Jack Carter's finally in the margin of error! I've said tirelessly on this blog, on Daily Kos and on MyDD that Jack Carter is competitive, that Jack Carter can win, that the smartest move for the progressive blogosphere, and especially the guys running the top liberal blogs (like Daily Kos and MyDD) was to get behind Jack Carter like they got behind Ned Lamont, Jon Tester and Jim Webb. I've had arguments with some people at these blogs about the viability of this campaign, there were complains that the local blogosphere wasn't behind Jack (anyone following Nevada's progressive blogs knows that this a joke), that there is no substantial polling, etc., etc.

I just can't grasp that both the Washington Beltway insiders and the progressive blogosphere insiders were writing off this campaign. We've still got about 95 days until election day and already Jack Carter has made this race competitive without the Beltway insiders and without the blogosphere insiders.

This is a campaign with unimaginable support from his family and folks like you and me from all over Nevada and all across the United States for that matter. Sarah Carter's diaries at Daily Kos and MyDD have proven how passionate members of the progressive blogosphere are about Jack and his campaign. Now, let's hope that the blogosphere's "leaders" will take the hint and get behind Jack! Kos' reporting of the poll is at least a start.

Vote for Jack
! Cause he cares!

You can contribute to Jack via the Turn Tahoe Blue ActBlue page!


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