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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hello! Any Republican Candidates Out There?

There have been some interesting reports around the blogosphere that some in the Republican congressional leadership don't advertise the fact that they're Republican while they're running for reelection.

So, I thought I'd take a look at Nevada's Republicans. They surely can't be afraid to state their affiliation, right? I mean, Republicans still have an edge in Nevada. The majority of statewide and federal offices are held by Republicans, they still have an edge in voter registration. As much as I'd like to see this changed these are the sad facts at the moment.

You would understand when a Democrat or Republican would not flaunt their party affiliation if they run in a state or a district that's clearly got a bend to the opposite side. But, hey. When you're in the majority, you're proud. Right?

I looked at the homepages of the Republican candidates for statewide and federal office to see if they proclaim it right there on the frontpage of their homepage (you can't expect anyone digging deeper, so a hidden hint somewhere deep inside doesn't count) or in a video ad that they link to.

Here's what I found:


  • Kenneth Wegner, CD-1: "I'm a Republican candidate running for Congress"
  • Sharron Angle, CD-2: "I welcome you to view my record of traditional Republican conservatism"
  • Richard Gilster, CD-2: "Republican"
  • Melody "Mimi Miyago" Damayo, Gov.: "Yes, I'm very Republican...Mimi"
  • Stan Lusak, Gov.: "I am a Constitutionalist, Nevada first, Republican candidate for Governor"
  • Barbara Lee Woollen, Lt.Gov.: Headline: "Barbara Lee Woollen. Republican. Lieutenant Governor." And: "It is a privilege and honor to stand as a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada"
  • Joseph Pitts, Treasurer: "Recently the Republican State Party Chairman issued a public call for Republicans to "take a stand and distance themselves from corruption by denouncing the ethically compromised in our midst". My decision to run for the position of State Treasurer is a direct response to this request.

Ashamed of being Republicans:

  • Senator John Ensign
  • Dawn Gibbons, CD-2: While she urges "all good Republicans" to thank poll staff for their work, she doesn't say she's a Republican, though...
  • Dean Heller, CD-2: 2 videos, no mention of the word "Republican", hmm...
  • Representative Jon Porter, CD-03: Mentions that the Speaker will campaign for him, obmits the word "Republican", though...
  • Bob Beers, Gov.: Links to the Nevada Republican Party but doesn't say he's a Republican, not even in his campaign video.
  • Lorraine Hunt, Gov.: She's got 4 videos, somehow can't say she's a Republican.
  • Lonnie Hammargren, Lt.Gov.
  • Brian Krolicki, Lt.Gov.
  • Brian Scroggins, Sec. of State
  • Danny Tarkanian, Sec. of State: Manages to mention Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin on his site, yet fails to mention the word "Republican". Oh, for crying out loud!
  • Steve Martin, Controller
  • Mark DeStefano, Treasurer

Man, this looks really bad. When the candidates proclaiming out and proud that they're Republican are people you know will lose anyway or you've never even heard of this speaks volumes of how confident Republicans are of winning this fall running as Republicans (especially considering that not one incumbent statewide or federal official is proclaiming his Republican affiliation).


Blogger JWH said...

Great post, Sven!

Being a republican today is definitely nothing to brag about.

8:50 PM


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