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Saturday, October 21, 2006

LTE: "Haswell Wants To Care For Our District"

The Auburn Journal has published a terrific letter to the editor by Doug Conlee of Auburn:
Regarding this year's race for the District Four state Assembly seat, this is the perfect opportunity to start putting passionate and caring people back into politics.

Rob Haswell has done as much as he possibly can to meet all of his potential constituents, from hosting free picnics, traveling to all corners of the district and walking precinct upon precinct.

He'd even like to discuss the issues in an open forum with his opponent, Ted Gaines. In an article that appeared in the Journal Oct. 17, Gaines claimed to be "just too busy" to meet Haswell.

Too busy to discuss the issues? I can't even comprehend that. Let's take a moment on Nov. 7, vote for Rob Haswell, and elect someone who actually wants to care for us.
Hear, hear! This letter of course refers to a report in the Auburn Journal which I have written about here. The people in the 4th state Assembly district realize that Rob Haswell cares about their worries while Ted Gaines is just too busy.

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