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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Would Abraham Lincoln Vote Democratic This November?

You may deem this question stupid or inappropriate. If that's the case you may also be on the wrong website right now. Seriously, though, would he? It's fair to assume that there probably would not be a Republican Party were it not for Abraham Lincoln winning the Presidency in 1860 and winning the Civil War after that. While I am a student of history I have to say that I haven't studied President Lincoln that closely. But from what I do know about him, I would seriously doubt that he would be proud of this Republican Party. Wanna bet?

Looking in your wallet, you may find good old Abe in there. In case you don't, here's a visual reminder:

The next two weeks will be tough. In most of the Tahoe campaigns, Republicans have more money in the bank than Democrats. All the candidates need is extra money in the next two weeks. You can help and it won't cost you much. How? Just get one or more of the Abes out of your pocket and fork them over to your favourite candidate. Therefore, I will start an "Abe for Democrats" series for the final two weeks, focusing on one candidate each day.

In the meantime, fork out the Abrahams!


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