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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Charlie Brown: Doolittle Anti-Troops Vote "Completely Indefensible"

Yeah, I know I've been focusing a bit much on Nevada recently. So, here's an update what's going on on the California side of Lake Tahoe:

Charlie Brown is ready to run again against Doolittle and is busy raising donations (you can contribute through the ActBlue form on the right or go directly to the Turn Tahoe Blue ActBlue page). On why he's running again:

Despite a recent PR offensive designed to convince us otherwise, it is disappointing to note that on each of these key issues Rep. Doolittle has stood for the status quo instead of solutions.

Many have asked if I'm planning to run again. In 2006, I learned how much money and manpower it takes to put together a winning campaign, and how having those resources in place as early as possible is crucial for anyone seeking to take on an entrenched and well-funded incumbent like Doolittle.

That’s why I’ve recently re-formed my campaign committee--to see if enough support exists to warrant another candidacy, and why I am asking you to consider making a contribution to Charlie Brown for Congress today.

So, it's basically up to you. You want Charlie to run and win against Doolittle? Then contribute now!

Today, Charlie's campaign released another press release, this time on the most corrupt Congressional Failure, otherwise known as John Doolittle and his vote against the troops:

Last week, the House Appropriations Committee passed the FY’07 Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill (H.R. 1591), which would fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, improved veterans healthcare services and military readiness, repairs to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and restore a crucial stream of funding to rural schools across the Western United States.

Rep. John Doolittle voted against the measure, which ties future U.S. aid to Iraq to a series of benchmarks laid out in a January 10th speech by President Bush. He also voted to strike language that would restrict the deployment of U.S. troops who are wounded, not properly equipped, or un-trained---offered as an amendment by the Committee’s ranking minority member, and Doolittle’s fellow DOJ corruption probe target Rep. Jerry Lewis.

The vote comes amidst mounting sectarian violence in Iraq , a resurgent Al Qaeda organization in Afghanistan , recent government reports describing the U.S. military at its lowest state of readiness since Vietnam , a VA system that is being overwhelmed by the influx of 1.6 million new veterans, and revelations of substandard conditions at military health facilities serving wounded combat troops.

“Time and again, John Doolittle votes to send young people into combat while denying them the tools they need to succeed in their mission and the quality aftercare they’ve been promised, commented Lt. Col. Charlie Brown. ”Leaving those who defend America exposed to preventable death, and our military unprepared to deal with future security threats is beyond irresponsible---it’s completely indefensible.”

It's a shame Doolittle won another two years in Congress. However, Charlie managed to get him below 50% and it's obvious that Doolittle is a top target in 2008. You can help beat him!

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