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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Help Charlie Brown Beat Doolittle

Charlie Brown is making it up to you. Do you want to see Doolittle defeated? Then you have to act. Here's an example what it's all about:

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Last week, the House passed an Emergency Supplemental Bill that would improve veterans healthcare services and military readiness, repair Walter Reed Army Medical Center, direct more resources to fighting a resurgent Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and establish a timetable for ending U.S. involvement in Iraq’s civil war.

In addition to voting against the measure, John Doolittle also voted to strike language from the bill that would restrict the deployment of U.S. troops who are wounded, not properly equipped, or un- trained---a violation of basic military guidelines that exposes thousands of brave servicemen and women to preventable death. Click Here to read our release.

I'm sure by now you have heard of the magic March 31st fundraising deadline. How could you not have as you're probably getting just as swamped by presidential campaign emails as I do.

Hovever, this is a special race. It's a difficult race and it requires everyone's attention, no matter where you live between Sacramento and the Sierra, or even beyond that. The fact is that Doolittle is one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Charlie Brown got him below 50% in November. And he can beat him in 2008.

Now he needs your help. Anything will do. $100, $50, $10, even $5. See how your money would help Charlie:

  • $50 buys enough gas to travel between events in Roseville and Quincy.
  • $100 pays for more than 100 Brown for Congress Campaign Buttons.
  • $250 pays for 500 Brown for Congress Bumper Stickers.
  • $500 pays for a mailing to nearly 1,000 people.
  • $750 pays rent for one month at our soon to be re- opened campaign offices.
  • $2300 pays a full-time field organizer to help register new voters in the 4th CD for one month.
This will be one of the most crucial congressional races in 2008. Make sure, Charlie has the resources he needs. You can contribute now through the Turn Tahoe Blue ActBlue page.

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