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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How Important Is Nevada This Year?

Something positive is taking place. Nevada is being talked about. What no one would have suspected about a year ago is becoming more and more apparent. Nevada might be the key to change this year.

No one yet knows how close the Congressional elections this November will be. The polling is trending towards Democrats regaining the House, possibly the Senate.

In most scenarios for the House Nevada's second and third congressional districts are considered second or third tier. I'm not so sure about that one. I've got an inkling (and maybe I'm just dilusional) that Nevada might be headed for a Democratic landslide this fall.

What makes me say this is the fact that unlike in other states the Nevada Republican Party does not even have one charismatic and intelligent candidate for this fall while the slate of Democratic candidates with their qualifications and their intelligence is just unprecedented.

So, who knows, in the end either the second or the third district of Nevada will change the majority in the House.

And if all goes swell, Jack Carter will be the sixth (if Lamont wins) or the seventh (if Lieberman wins) Senator to help Democrats win the majority in the Senate.

Here's where you come in. Take a look at my sidebar. There you will find links to the candidates' websites if you'd like to help out. You'll also find links to other Nevada blogs to get informed, furthermore there are links to local newspapers, so you can help out by writing letters to the editor. And you will find a link to the Turn Tahoe Blue ActBlue page, so that you can whip out your credit card and contribute to Jack Carter, Jill Derby and others.

You can help us landslide Nevada!


Blogger cls said...

Huh? Jack will be the sixth if Lamont wins and the seventh if Lieberman wins? Huh? Either Lamont wins or Lieberman does. Lamont is the Democrat. I have no idea what Joe Lieberman is anymore, but I am not counting on him caucusing with the Dems if he manages to win Connecticut.

10:33 PM

Blogger Sven said...

What I mean is there are currently 45 Democrats in the Senate. Therefore, Democrats will have to win 6 Senate races to take control of the Senate. However, Lieberman's "Lieberman for Connecticut" run has made things a little more complicated. Since you and I don't count on Lieberman caucusing with Dems if he should win, we would then have to win back seven seats instead of "just" six.

9:35 AM


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