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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Republicans Tearing Each Other Apart, Jill Derby New Congresswoman

You really have to hand it to the Republicans. If anyone knows anything about voter suppression it would have to be the Republican Party. A look back in history (2000, 2004) would prove my point.

So, you don't even have to take it with a customary grain of salt when our all time favourite Sharron "the conservative you can count on" Angle claims voters in Washoe County were "disenfranchised" on August 15th.

Therefore, she is going ahead with her lawsuit claiming:
"We want to right the wrongs and remove the cloud that is hanging over this election," Angle said in a statement. "We want to give all disenfranchised voters an opportunity to exercise their right to vote."
You can rest assured that next time black voters will be disenfranchised anywhere in the United States of America, Sharron Angle will be there to right the wrongs. There is no more need for civil rights legislation, no more need for Jesse Jackson, Jr. We now have Sharron Angle, Jeanne d'Arc of the disenfranchised voter!

And who would've thought you'd ever hear a state Republican Party Chairman say voters were disenfranchised? That's how powerful and persuasive Jeanne d'Arc Angle is!
"After talking with Sharron, I wanted to express my support for her election challenge," Adams wrote. "Sharron's decision is not 'sour grapes' from the losing candidate, but rather an effort to expose and correct serious irregularities in the Washoe County election process."
Interestingly, once again, is that all candidates under the supervision of either Sig Rogich or Mike Slanker are not allowed to speak without permission. So, we'll have to quote the wanker:
"What Paul Adams did ... was wrong and flies in the face of the will of the voters in CD2," Slanker said. "It is my hope that Paul reconsiders his statement and as chairman supports the elected Republican nominee."
Meanwhile, Molly Ball of the Club for Growth Review-Journal manages to mention that Jeanne d'Arc Angle's campaign was co-financed by the Club for Growth with $1 million.

Molly Ball of the Club for Growth Rewiew-Journal also manages to mention that half of that money came from one of the owners of her "newspaper."

The number Molly Ball of the Club for Growth Review-Journal doesn't mention at all is the amount it would cost Jeanne d'Arc Angle and the Club for Growth to demand a recount ($110,000) .

The other number Molly Ball of the Club for Growth Review-Journal carelessly forgets to mention is the roughly $1 million a special election would cost Nevada's taxpayers.

In the meantime we would like to thank Jeanne d'Arc Angle, the Club for Growth, the Nevada Republican Party and its chairman and anyone else we might have forgotten (like President Bush) for handing this election to Democrat Jill Derby.

You can do your part in contributing to Jill Derby here.


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