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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Credit Given Where Credit Is Due

You may not believe this day would ever come but I'm finally writing a positive entry on Senator Harry Reid. I don't hold a general grudge against "Give 'Em Hell Harry". However, it would be polite to say that I wasn't too pleased with his help, or lack thereof, for my favourite Senate candidate Jack Carter.

There was a lot of bitching on Turn Tahoe Blue, which probably had little to no impact considering the relatively low number of visits to my blog, although a couple of other people linked to what they called a "rant" of mine last week. There were also some choice words for the Senator on the infamous Las Vegas Gleaner. More importantly, in recent weeks almost every diary on Jack Carter was highjacked by anti-Reid rhetoric in the comments section, like in this diary on Jack's primary win which was on the Daily Kos recommended list.

Well, apparently Senator Reid had a change of heart and is now fully committed to Jack's campaign.

From a Carter campaign newsletter sent out via email today:
Just this week Senator Reid pledged his support to our campaign, stating that he knew we could win this race and that he and his office would do whatever it takes for us to win in November. The DSCC sent a quarter of a million dollars to the Nevada State Democratic Party to help with "get out the votes" efforts. We have dramatically increased our number of volunteers, and precinct captains that we have had to get new office space to house all of this additional support!
Now, I'll feel even better when I actually hear something from the Senator himself. However, this is way better than him saying to the media that the ensignificant Senator is "safe".

Senator Reid, we welcome you to the ever larger crowd of active Carter supporters and hope to see you out there raising money for the person who could very well be the 6th or 7th (in case Lieberman wins) candidate to win back the Senate this November and make you the first Senate Majority Leader from Nevada!

While the money given to the Nevada Dems will certainly help with GOTV efforts this November, the Carter campaign is still in serious need of contributions. Please consider giving to Jack if you can and show Senator Reid that we were right about this one, that Jack Carter can and will win in November!

Jack Carter's campaign website

The Carter Blog


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