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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pink Campaigns: Jack Carter

As you may have noticed on the top of my sidebar, I run another election blog, although it is a single-issue blog. Pink Campaigns originated from my anger with the Human Rights Campaign, the best known interest group for the GLBT community. They endorsed several candidates as many interest groups do. My problem was that most of their endorsees didn't even bother to state on their campaign websites what their position on GLBT issues is.

Figuring, a little research might help I took a look at all campaign websites of Democratic House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates and search for their statement on GLBT issues. I was surprised by what I found. While some candidates in rural places in red states stated their views, many in safe Democratic seats did not bother to do so. For example, only 5 out of 55 candidates in California did so.

I've added candidates to the blog when I had time, including their statement on GLBT issues, links to their campaign website, a map of the district and the last election results. Yesterday I also created contribution pages on ActBlue, for House candidates, House incumbents, Senate candidates and incumbents as well as gubernatorial candidates and incumbents.

Today, I've added Jack Carter to Pink Campaigns. Here's what he has to say on GLBT issues:
As a Christian I believe that Jesus loves us all, and that we are not here to judge others. As an American I believe our government must respect individuals regardless of our differences. I believe that gay couples who enter into a loving and lasting relationship should be entitled to all the rights normally associated with civil unions, i.e., the right to visit their loved one in hospitals or to add them to their health insurance.

I do not advocate gay “marriage.” Marriage is a sacred vow sanctioned by the church and long recognized by governments around the world. It’s endowment should not be subject to government/secular control.
I've also added Jack to the Pink Campaigns ActBlue page for Senate candidates today. If you're interested in GLBT issues, go and check out the other candidates at Pink Campaigns and consider contributing to a candidate of your choice. I will add more candidates in the coming days, weeks and months.


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