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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turn Tahoe Blue Endorses Angie Paccione

This is a very good year for Democrats. Not only because of the good polling numbers but even more so because of the large number of terrific candidates all over the country. I mainly focus on the races that are important to the Lake Tahoe area. However, from time to time, I would like to shed some focus on other important campaigns throughout the United States.

One of these campaigns is the one by Angie Paccione who is running against Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado's 4th Congressional District. For anyone who hasn't heard about Rep. Musgrave before, she is one of the worst politicians out there, the kind that operates with fear and hatred instead of hope and kindness. Marilyn Musgrave was the driving force in the House of Representatives behind the Federal Marriage Amendment aiming to ban gay marriage. Rep. Musgrave operates by exclusion rather than inclusion.

So, what does Angie Paccione have to offer? First of all, she can beat Marilyn Musgrave. There is a new SurveyUSA pollout which has Angie Paccione just 4 points behind Musgrave - 42%-46%. This former basketball star was the first woman ever to receive a full scholarship to Stanford University, was an acomplished educator and later managed to win a seat in the Colorado Legislature in a district where Democrats were in the minority. Incidentally, she is yet another Democrat I like who has received support from Wesley Clark.

Angie Paccione has proven before that she can win and taking out Marilyn Musgrave should be a priority for Democrats this year.


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