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Monday, August 14, 2006

Primary Predictions

As tomorrow will be primary day in Nevada, I thought I'd give it a little attention. No, I'm not gonna list endorsements. From the link list on the side bar it becomes quite clear who my favourite candidates are. Instead, I'll bet a little (as this is Nevada, after all) and give you my predictions. Not included are those competitions with minor opposition (like the Senate races):

Congressional District 2 (R)

1. Sharron Angle
2. Dean Heller
3. Dawn Gibbons

Governor (D)

1. Dina Titus
2. Jim Gibson

Governor (R)

1. Jim Gibbons
2. Lorraine Hunt
3. Bob Beers

Lieutenant Governor (D)

1. Bob Unger
2. Bob Stupak

Lieutenant Governor (R)

1. Brian Krolicki
2. Lonnie Hammargren
3. Barbara Lee Woollen

Secretary of State (R)

1. Brian Scroggins
2. Danny Tarkanian

State Treasurer (D)

1. Kate Marshall
2. Geoffrey VanderPal

State Treasurer (R)

1. Kathy Augustine
2. Mark DeStefano

I do realize that some of these predictions might seam a little outlandish but who the heck really knows what voters are up to. And, yes, I do realize that Katherine Augustine has died and, yes, I still believe that she will win just because many Republican primary voters might wanna exhonorate her after the Republican establishment treated her like an outcast (because she was impeached) before her death.


Blogger frankg said...

Where's Ross Miller's name?
He will win the office in Nov.
Angle will be a big target for the Derby campaign. She is the most "far-out" Repug of the three running.

And wait until the Titus-Gibbons debates...

Bush Repugs all...

11:22 AM

Blogger Sven said...

Hi Frank,

only mentioned those races with serious opposition. As with the Senate campaigns there is no real opposition to Miller. The other guy doesn't even have a campaign website. No need to bet that Miller's gonna win.

12:04 PM


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