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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Blogger's Report From The Clark-Derby Fundraiser

It really has its drawbacks to not be on the ground in Nevada. One of them is that I can't take part in all these great events. Thankfully there are many wonderful bloggers mostly everywhere. One of them is jen from Lake Tahoe who has posted a great account over at the Clark Community Network of the fundraiser Wesley Clark did for Jill Derby on Tuesday. You should read it in its entirety. I'm just gonna give you two small excerpts:

Jill Derby thanked us all for coming and told a beautiful story of why she decided to run for congress.

She had been contemplating running, and had attended several conferences relating to that, when she heard a Commencement Address given by Theodore Sorensen called "A Time to Weep for America" that said, in part, "Not on my watch will the tide turn for the decline of America." She said at that point, she knew she had to run.


He then smoothly tied in all his talk of national issues to local and state issues, and how the only way we were going to change things, and stop the destruction of our country (my words, not his) was to elect people like Jill Derby. He went in to details about her background which I really didn't know much about. You could see there was much respect and admiration between them as they stood up there together.

Go over to her post and read the whole thing (she also posted some photos) and contribute to Jill Derby if you can!


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