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Friday, August 18, 2006

Jack and Jimmy Carter Agree To Disagree

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on President Carter's interview with German weekly Der Spiegel. In that interview Jimmy Carter also spoke about Israel. Today, in a press release, Jack Carter states that he disagrees with his father's statement:

Jack Carter, the Democratic nominee for United States Senate, in reaffirming his strong, and long-lasting, support for Israel’s fight for its very survival.

“In an interview with der Spiegel, my father, President Jimmy Carter, recently stated that Israel had no legal or moral justification to attack Lebanon after the attack by Hizballah. I do not share that view,” Jack says. “Israel has every right to defend itself from the terrorists who seek to destroy her, and those who choose to harbor such terrorists. Simply put, this is an issue on which my father and I agree to disagree.”

Jack Carter continues, “Israel is fighting for her life; she cannot lose. Remember, Israel must win every war; her enemies need only win one.

“Had our government used our influence to increase the security of every legitimate state in the Middle East instead of adventuring into Iraq, the situation with Hizballah may have been avoided. International pressure brought to bear on disarming Hizballah after the Israeli pullout in 1999 would have increased security within the region. Such pressure should flow from a coalition led by our government and embraced by other nations around the world. To reiterate, the United States must lead.”

Who would have thought that a German magazine would ever play a role in a Nevada election?

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And you can read Jimmy Carter's interview with Der Spiegel here.Who


Here's the AP's take on the story, via the Reno Gazette-Journal.

PS: Ms. Hennessey, Spiegel is a magazine, not a newspaper. You as a journalist should know the difference, one would think.


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