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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sharron Angle Loves Me Some Taxes

Sharron Angle is a very special person. She decries taxing and spending for whatever good use that taxing and spending takes place every chance she gets and yet she managed to vote for tax increases four (!) times.

Now, Sharron Angle is looking for another way to tax and spend. After having lost the Republican primary for Nevada's 2nd congressional district by a little over 400 votes against Dean Heller, she doesn't gracefully accept defeat and endorse her opponent (as I am sure she would have expected of him). No, instead Ms. Angle prefers to burden Nevada's taxpayers one last time.

She could have chosen to demand a recount. Thing is, she and her anti-tax crazed buddies from the Club for Growth would have had to pay for it. Now, Sharron Angle has found a way to save herself some money and instead take it from Nevada's taxpayers.

Sharron Angle is demanding a special election:
Out of respect for the will of the people and their right to vote, I am obligated to contest the outcome of this election and request a special election.
I really have to wonder where Sharron Angle was when the right to vote was violated in the last elections, say in Florida, Ohio and many other places.

So, let's take a look at the numbers. No, not the number of votes she lost by (421), it seems Ms. Angle is more concerned about the benjamins:
The cost of a recount has been estimated by the secretary of state's office at a minimum of $110,000. Angle would have to pay those costs, but she said that was not a factor in deciding how to challenge the results.
I'm sure many good people would believe her, but then, unfortunately, many good people sometimes tend to be a little naive. For all of you, let's take a look at the cost of a special election:
The cost of a new primary election would be $400,000 in Washoe County alone, [Washoe Registrar of Voters Dan Burke] said.
When you consider that less than half the votes cast for the CD-2 primary came from Washoe County (31,407 out of 68,992 according to the official results) a special election would cost a stagering $1 million!

Sharron Angle, you've told us so many times how concerned you are about the "liberal tax and spend" behaviour of your Republican opponents, you've told us time and again how concerned you are about every hard earned dollar of Nevada's taxpayers wastefully spend?

So, in case you will actually be successful with your complaint and a special election will be scheduled, please tell us:
  • Which long needed school in Nevada could be build were it not for your $1 million special election?
  • How many teachers could be employed were it not for your $1 million special election?
  • How many homeless people could be fed were it not for your $1 million special election?
  • How much of the environment could be cleaned up were it not for your $1 million special election?
  • How much alternative energy resources could be built were it not for your $1 million special election?
  • How many poor children could be given lunch money were it not for your $1 million special election?
But, really, Sharron we have but one question for you: when have you turned into a tax and spend liberal?


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