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Monday, August 21, 2006

About Those Campaign Blogs

Dear Democratic candidates in the Tahoe area,

this is an open letter to quite a few of you, whether you are running for statewide or for federal office. First of all: we love your campaign. We really do. Otherwise we wouldn't have linked to it on our sidebar.

I went on the lookout today, so that I could add more links to the Campaign Blogs on the sidebar. And I really was looking forward to adding a couple of new ones. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything.

Now, you may have heard of blogs. This here is one of them. It seems to have become fashionable by some of you to have a blog on your website. And that's swell. Thing is, you must understand the concept of a blog. It's kinda like a diary. If you only write in it about once a month it's not a diary. Same goes for blogs. You have to post entries regularly. And if your last blog post is from last year, I suggest you better just delete it all. It might just make you look out of touch.

That said I encourage each and every one of you to add a decent blog to your campaign website and I have a couple of suggestions. If you think you won't have the time for it, let a trusted member of your campaign staff do it. That way you interact with your voters online and still have the time to go and meet voters. Though, I must say, it makes a blog much more enjoyable if it has a personal touch to it. So, posting personally about once a week would help.

If you want to see what a good campaign blog can look like look no further. I have linked to the Carter Blog and the Haswell Campaign Journal. Both are well run and updated frequently if not daily. Take a look and feel inspired.


A friendly blogger


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