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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Meet Don Cox, Dick Cheney's New Spokesperson

This must be about the damn laziest "article" I have read all damn year. It's so unfuckingbelievable that I'm starting to swear "big time" (as the damn VP would say) which I have never done on this blog before.

Up until now, Don Cox has been a "reporter" for the Reno Gazette-Journal. Since yesterday it would be fair to assume that he has been named Dick Cheney's new spokesperson. Almost his entire "article" titled "Cheney, Rumsfeld vow to press on in terror war" (no mention of Rumsfeld at all in the "article", I kid you not) on Cheney's visit to Reno is filled with quotes from the damn VP's speech. Cox managed to insert one paragraph with a quote of a protester which he managed to "balance" (must have learned his journalistic creds watching fucking Fox News all day long) with a quote by a veteran supportive of this damn administration.

Somehow Mr. Cox did not manage to find one delegate critical of this administration in a crowd of 10,000. So, either the United States of America is now officially a dictatorship à la Belarus or Mr. Cox was just too damn lazy, as this "article" filled almost solely with "Cheney said" suggests.

And then along comes Jeff Delong with an "article" on the "protestors". The sloppiness of this "article" is just as appalling. The sequence goes as follows: protestors, protestors, protesters, and in between a "Foriegn". But, heck, nobody will read an "article" titled "Demonstrators protest White House policy" anyway. Everyone just wants to read what that damn Cheney had to say, right?

Of course, while the "article" on Cheney ended with Cheney's words, the article on the anti-war protests ended with two veterans saying we needed to stay in Iraq. Apparently, another "journalist" of the "fair and balanced" persuasion.

Come on, guys, you've gotta be kidding me! Where the hell did you learn your job? Writing like this is just embarrassing. That's not journalism, that's enabling. Go and join the joke that is the White House press corps. God, I'm so fucking sick of it!


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