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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Buh-bye, Sharron Angle!

The Nevada elections have just become a lot less entertaining. After "District Judge Bill Maddox said the state court lacks jurisdiction in congressional election contests, and further ruled there was no evidence election officials in Washoe County committed malfeasance" we have to say farewell to Ms. Club for Growth while being less than sure that Dean Heller can carry on the Drama Queen antics of Ms. Angle and Mrs. Gibbons.

You really have to wonder why Nevada voters failed to warm to all the Republican Drama Queens. Melody "Mimi Miyago" Damayo, "Dawn has got to be Dawn" Gibbons, Barbara Lee Woollen who is so self-obsessed that virtually every second letter in her name has to be doubled, hence "Double Barb", and last but not least Sharron "Jeanne d'Arc" Angle have all been rejected by the Nevada voters, Republicans at that.

We'd like to thank them for trying and making the primaries much more fun than they would've been without them.

Farewell, you Drama Queens! We'll miss ya!


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