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Monday, September 04, 2006

Does Jack Carter Have The Best Campaign Blog?

Does Jack Carter have the best Campaign Blog? In the Tahoe area that would be a definite and resounding "Yes!" (Closely followed by the Haswell Campaign Journal, of course!).

A month ago "The Bivings Report" asked "How Well Networked Are Political Campaign Blogs?" and did a little research. The Carter Blog, run by Jack's daughter Sarah, was ranked among the top five. Only one day later they started a poll on which of the top five (Pete Ashdown, Sherrod Brown, Jack Carter, Rick Santorum and Sheldon Whitehouse) was the best one.

Currently, only 8% have voted for Jack Carter. Since no one in Nevada seems to be aware of this poll, that's not all that surprising. So, just for the heck of it or better even as an appreciation of what Sarah is doing on a daily basis, go over to the Bivings Report and vote for Jack Carter's Campaign Blog!


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