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Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Senator Ensign Might As Well Be From Texas"

Oh, why did I know that John Ensign would get down-low and make use of this supposed "carpetbagger" issue? I did a little research on this a while back and it turned out that not one of the Senators elected to John Ensign's seat were born in Nevada. This includes the ensignificant Senator himself:
Ensign was born in Roseville, California. His family moved to Nevada when he was a child. His mother remarried Michael S. Ensign, a gaming industry executive who subsequently became chairman of the board of directors of Mandalay Bay, and who adopted John.
So, why then does he think he can turn Jack Carter's relatively short residency in Nevada into an attack ad? After all, Jack Carter doesn't qualify as a carpetbagger since he did not move here to run for office. It's Ensign's own fault, really, that Carter even thought about running. Jack Carter saw, like everyone else around the world, how the Republican party was unable to govern in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The United States of America looked like a third world nation at that time. And who was responsible for that? The Republican party of George W. Bush and John Ensign. They screwed up big-time, yet they never ever accept responsibility. They've fricking governed for only six years and the entire country is in shambles. What a shame. It was at that point, after Katrina, that Jack Carter decided to run:

Carter said he decided to run in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He said he was offended by the federal government's response to the disaster.

"I'm more concerned than ever with the way that the country is headed," Carter said.

So, in effect, Carter decided to run for office two years after he moved to Nevada.

As for the quote of Carter Ensign uses in his ad. Here's the excerpt from the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza:

Carter said the state's junior senator, even with a Nevada pedigree, "might as well be from Texas" judging by his consistent support for President George W. Bush.

"I'll admit that I'm a carpet-bagger, but I want to be your carpet-bagger," joked Carter, 59. "Our world is literally going towards a conflagration ...and I put it straight on the backs of this administration and on the Congress that approves whatever they do.

"(Senator Ensign) is one of the people who is enabling this president ... and I want to put the brakes on the direction he is taking this country."

And Jack is right. John Ensign might as well be from Texas. What do you want in a Senator? Someone who cares about what Nevadans want or someone who cares about what his party and George W. Bush want? He's already 96% Bush, after all.


Blogger frankg said...

Ensign made some ludicrous comments at the final Senatorial debate last night.
He claimed we should put "pressure" on China vis-a-vis the North Korea situation. Is he aware that China is our second-largest creditor? They could disable our economy by dumping some or all of the US Treasury notes they are holding. Thanks to the so-called "free trade" the Repugs espouse we are handing over jobs and $$ to China with no protection for American jobs.
Secondly, Ensign claimed (again) the USA was unaware of the threat of Fascism before WWII. Has he ever heard of the Spanish Civil War, the Italian invasion of Abyssinia, or the Japanese invasion of China in the Thirties?
He should spend less time at the country club driving range and more time boning up on world history.
He claimed he secured funding for the LV Veteran's Hospital. It was Shelley Berkely (NV-01) who initiated the legislation for the new facility.
Watch the debate on www.krnv.com
No more rubber stamps!

8:29 AM

Blogger Susan said...

The North Korea comments were identical to those spewed by Dean Heller in his debate with Jill Derby, and by the Republican candidate for the Washington Senate seat in the most recent debate.

This is clearly scripted by the RNC.

2:18 PM

Blogger Ziomal said...

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2:34 PM


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